Outcall London Tell An Affair Story


My name is Mike. I am a baseball player. I have always been one. The other day though i lost my contract because my team did not want me anymore. They said i have done good in the past but the records shows i have not played well in quite some time. That is when i got really pissed. The team was always very nice to me because i have always gotten the job done. I was mad because they dropped me because of my performance instead of letting me get better. I decided to get mad because i had no where else to go. I went back to my apartment to get my things that was there.

I got very mad when i found my wife cheating on me with another woman i knew who she was the sexy friend she had at outcall London escorts. She was on the bed with this women and they were sweaty and very tired. I was shocked and did not know what to do. I did not know whether to get mad or leave. I decided to get mad and leave. I was going to tell her she was done for life. I grabbed my jackets and my car keys and left the apartment. I was very mad when i watched them continue their act because they did not know i was there. I decided to sit in my car because i needed to think. I was very mad and depressed because my wife was cheating on me. I could not decide what to do.

I decided to drive the car around in traffic to cool off. I just wanted to do something. Afterwards i decided to go to a bar and have a few drinks. I went to a local bar because i wanted to have a drink. The bar has been a good place to go when having some drinks after games because the drinks are very cheap. I had my favorite drink which was beer. It was very warm outside so hanging out was good. I knew i could not do anything that night because it was getting late.

I went to another part of town that i was not familiar with. It was very different than where i lived. I decided to go to my favorite bar so i could find some chicks. I went to the second bar because the first one i always go had no hot chicks. I sat down on the bar stool and ordered a drink. I had to wait a few minutes before my drink was served. I was drinking my beer when i noticed a very hot blond haired woman sitting down the bar stool next to me. i thought should i have an affair of my own. She was drinking some beer also. I was about to introduce myself to her when i heard someone bump into me. I was not upset that the person bumped into me because I could tell who it was. It was my wife. She apologized for bumping into me. I was still shocked but i had to say something. I looked at her so intensely for a couple mins. There was a long silence between us. There was no sound except for the occasional bartender.